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Nature, Mandala and Maths

We love to create pictures using natural materials when we are out walking – try the beautiful symmetry of mandala’s next time you are in the garden or walking in nature.

Nature Mandala’s

How many lines of symmetry can you create? How many different colours are involved in your mandala? What is your favourite part of your mandala?

Vocab to explore: same, different, symmetry, lines of symmetry, shape, pattern.

Mandala Art

Which natural materials can you spot in the art? Which is your favourite pattern/ mandala?

The artists is James Brunt (Website: Twitter: @RFJamesUK)

Mandala Art Around the World

Mandala Explained

Mandala Facts for kids and examples from around the world.

Enjoy making your own Mandala art.


Published by literacyloves

Primary School teacher, researcher and STEM Champion

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